our rates are for a locker with capacity up to 4 pieces of luggage

prices,florence luggage storage
  • €1,80/h
  • €9,90/24h
  • €9,90 for each additional day.
  • 1.80€ will be charged in advance for the first hour of locker rental. If this time is exceeded, you will pay the difference at the end of the rental.
  • only credit and debit cards accepted. (no Amex). PIN not required.


Special Offers*

  • Large Group? rent 5 lockers (up to 20 trolleys) for € 40/day. each additional locker will cost just € 5/day.
  • 3 days or longer? rent 1 locker (up to 4 trolleys) for € 5/day or € 30/week.

*payment in advance. cash or paypal

*check availability, call or WhatsApp +39-334-1117004

locker,florence luggage storage
  • possibility to stow luggages with dimension of 85x65x45 cm (up to 4 pieces of 55 x 40 x 20 cm per locker).
  • you can reopen your locker whenever you want. Reopening the locker is free during the first 15 minutes of rental. After the first 15 minutes it costs € 0,50.
  • Choose your language and follow the payment booth wizard to stow your luggage correctly. For any doubt take a look at the tutorial on
whatsapp,luggage storage firenze
  • Helpline available for tech support and emergencies, call or  WhatsApp +39-334-1117004