service description

The luggage storage service consists of keeping luggage stored at our facilities (luggage deposit with automatic lockers) from the day and time of delivery of the luggage/item(s) to the estimated day and time of collection you payed for.
It can be verified on your receipt along with the number and code of your personal locker.Customer is hereby informed that he/she does not have a right to withdraw from the transaction, and that the reservation is non-refundable.
Our storages are completely non-smoking.
Access is limited to persons over the age of 18 or accompanied minors.

Art. 1 Rates

All rates are posted on our website and at our luggage storages.

Art. 2 Items accepted

You’re allowed to leave  suitcases, baskets, bags, travel bags, parcels and similar in our locker storage  within the limits of the capacity of a single cabinet  in exchange for the payment of the indicated price.
Any item to be deposited must be closed.
Luggage Point does not, in any case, respond to any item contained within suitcases, baskets, bags, travel bags, parcels and similar.
Luggage is brought to the Luggage Point by the owner.
The maximum deposit time is 7 days.
In the case of more deposit requirements you must write an e-mail to  to receive authorization of your request.

Art. 3 Forbidden Items

– Luggage containing goods or materials that are easily flammable or easily perishable or exhaling bad odors or which may, however, cause deterioration of Luggage Point infrastructure or damage to other items stored.

– Weapons, explosives, drugs, animals.

Art. 4 Opening Hours

The service is fully automated with 24/7 working video surveillance but the Management authorizes entry from 8 am to 10 pm. Monday from 8 am to 7 pm. No exceptions.

Art. 5 Staff

The service is fully automated with 24/7 video surveillance. No staff work at our luggage storages.

Art. 6 Access to Luggage Point

Access to the Luggage Point Staff and all public security authorities (Guardia di Finanza, Municipal Police, Carabinieri, Postal Police) is always permitted for service and / or security needs.

Art. 7 Storage

The luggage storage is automated and can be operated following the payment booth wizard, the signposts inside the storage or instruction on
There is no identity check for those who require to use our deposit unless specifically requested by the security authorities (Post Police, Municipal Police, Finance Guard).

Art. 8 Collection

Deposited belongings can be withdrawn by following the payment booth wizard, signposts inside the storage or instructions on
In case of locker rental extended beyond the date, payment booth wizard  will show the additional amount of money due and give all the instructions to complete the payment and collect the content of the locker.
If the hourly cost exceeds the daily offer, the most convenient fare will automatically be applied. The Baggage Deposit may be released from the obligation to return the luggage by depositing it, at the expense of the Depository, 1777 of the Italian Civil Code.

Art. 9 No withdrawal of baggage deposited

After 30 days from the date of the withdrawal declared at the time of the deposit, uncollected packages shall be deemed to have been abandoned and the depositor loses any right to be refunded or indemnified.
If the luggage has been forgotten write a mail to to give us the permission to open the locker and enclosing the receipt given by the payment booth.
In addition to the shipping cost, the amount of € 45.00 will be charged.
Luggage Point may proceed at its discretion to the sale and / or destruction and / or retention of luggage and its contents.

Art. 10 Responsibility

Luggage Point is not liable for any damage or loss of any luggage deposited under its direct custody if not attributable to its fault or to causes related to retention in storage.

Article 11 Conditions and revision of the Regulation

By paying and collecting the receipt, the user accepts all the conditions set out by
This Regulation, a copy of which can be obtained writing to
Luggage Point reserves the right to modify this Regulation in consideration of  needs arising out of the actual carrying out of its activity.

Art. 12 Applicable law

If any term or condition of this Agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable, such determination shall not affect the other provisions of this storage contract which shall remain valid in full force and effect for the remainder.
Exception made for the provisions of any applicable rule; any dispute arising out of or in connection with this storage contract will be governed by the Italian law.

Art.13 Jurisdiction

Any dispute relating to the relationship between the parties shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Florence.