how it works

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Do you want to leave your luggages?

  • press the green button and follow the payment booth wizard
  • use your credit card to pay the first hour of rental
  • collect the receipt with the code to open your locker
  • don’t lose it! take a picture of the code to be safe!
  • leave your luggages and close the locker.

Do you want to collect your luggages?

  • press the red button
  • insert the code printed on your receipt 
  • press the red button to end the rental and confirm your choice
  • use your credit card to pay the difference if required
  • (if rental time exceeds 1 hour)
  • collect your luggages and close your locker.

take a look at the video tutorial

locker,florence luggage storage

You can reopen your locker whenever you want. Reopening the locker is free during the first 15 minutes of rental. After the first 15 minutes it costs € 0,50.